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Serial #0P580410

The Mercury Marine serial number 0P580410 is 4 Stroke 200 VERADO (4-STROKE)(6 CYL.) engine that’s part of the outboard model 1225V23KR. It was produced in 2006. The engine displacement is 158.54, and the horsepower ranges from 200, 225, 250, 275, to 300. The engine belongs to the serial range and catalog [1B517434 THRU 2B144122] – USA – Cat.# 90-896280008. Related components are listed below.

Mercury Marine Serial 0P580410 Components


Adapter Plate Hose Routings

Adapter Plate Hose Routings CCT

Adapter Plate-Lower

Alternator/Belt Tensioner Mounting

CCT Rigging Kit

Charge Cooler/Intake Manifold (Gen I) End Cap Not Serviced

Charge Cooler/Intake Manifold (Gen II) End Cap Serviced

Charge Cooler/Intake Manifold Hose Routings

Cowl Latching

Crankshaft, Pistons and Connecting Rods

Cylinder Block

Cylinder Head and Camshaft

Driveshaft Housing

Electrical Box Components

Fuel Supply Module

Gear Housing Driveshaft, 4.80 Torpedo

Gear Housing Prop Shaft-Count Rot, 4.80 Torp 2B026817 & up

Gear Housing Prop Shaft-Std Rot, 4.80 Torp 2B026816 & below

Gear Housing Prop Shaft-Std Rot, 4.80 Torp 2B026817 & up

Gear Housing PropShaft-Count Rot,4.80 Torp 2B026816 & below

Gear Housing, Driveshaft, 5.44 Torpedo SN 1B980359 & below

Gear Housing, Driveshaft, 5.44 Torpedo, SN 1B980360 &up

Gear Housing, Prop Shaft-Counter Rotation, 5.44 Torpedo

Gear Housing, Prop Shaft-Standard Rotation, 5.44 Torpedo

Ground Cable Kit (899712A01)

Induction Components

Induction Components CCT

Lube Chart

Mercathode Kit

Mount Cradle

Oil Pump/Adaptor Plate-Upper

Port Cylinder Block Components

Power Trim Components

Power Trim/Steering Cylinder

Powerhead Gasket Set Components

Pump Kit-Power Steering (8M0080200/8M0080201)

Rear Cowl

Rear Cowl CCT


Service/Support Material

Starboard Cylinder Block/Oil Cooler (1B830815 and Below)

Starboard Cylinder Block/Oil Cooler (1B830816 and Above)

Starter Motor

Steering Helm Kit-Standard (892557A02, 892380A02, 892558A02)



Top Cowl

Top Cowl CCT

Upper Shift Components

Water Separator Filter Kit 886638A01