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Serial #0M974280

The Mercury Marine serial number 0M974280 is Drives SSM VI engine that’s part of the sterndrive model 5R15W20HH. It was produced during the years 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1995M, 1996, 1996M, 1997, and 1998. The engine displacement is , and the horsepower ranges from SSM6 to SSM7. The engine belongs to the serial range and catalog [ALL & Up] – USA – Cat.# 90-853693. Related components are listed below.

Mercury Marine Serial 0M974280 Components

Cable Actuator Components (Dry Sump) Design-II

Cable Actuator Components (Wet-Sump) Design-I (Pre-1998)

Connector Block And Hydraulic Hoses (Wet and Dry Sump)

Gear Housing Dry Sump Six/NXT6 SSM-Driveshaft

Gear Housing Dry Sump Six/NXT6 SSM-Propshaft

Gear Housing Wet-Sump SSM VI-Driveshaft (Pre-1998)

Gear Housing Wet-Sump SSM VI-Propshaft (Pre-1998)

Gear Housing Wet-Sump SSM VII-Drive/Propshaft (Pre-1998)

Gear Ratio Chart

Gimbal Housing Assy Close Couple, (Wet and Dry Sump)

Gimbal Housing Assy Driveline, (Wet and Dry Sump)

Gimbal Ring/Bell Housing Dry-Sump With Trim Sensor

Gimbal Ring/Bell Housing Wet Sump W/O Trim Sensor(Pre-1998)

Inner Transom Plate Dry Sump Six

Inner Transom Plate Wet-Sump SSM VI and VII (Pre-1998)

Paint Color Chart (Dry Sump)


Prop Ventilation Kit (Wet-Sump) SSM VI and SSMVII (Pre-1998)


Service Support Material Both Wet Sump and Dry Sump

Spacer Kit .500 Thru 3.00 Inch -Six Drive(Wet / Dry Sump)

Spacer Kit (Wet-Sump) 1.00 Thru 3.00 Inch-SSM VII (Pre-1998)

Spacer Kit (Wet-Sump) 5.75 Inch-SSM VI (Pre-1998)

Steering Cylinder Assembly (Wet and Dry Sump)

Tool List (Dry Sump) Six/NXT6 SSM – Lower

Tool List (Dry Sump) Six/NXT6 SSM – Transom

Tool List (Dry Sump) Six/NXT6 SSM – Upper

Tool List (Wet-Sump) SSM VI (Pre-1998)

Tool List (Wet-Sump) SSM VII (Pre-1998)

Trim Cylinder (Dry Sump) With Trim Sensor Plate

Trim Cylinder (Wet-Sump) W/O Trim Sensor Plate (Pre-1998)

Trim Pump Assy (Dry Sump) 843017T03

Trim Pump Assy (Wet-Sump) 846860T1 (Pre-1998)

Trim Pump Component (Wet-Sump) Design I (Pre-1998)

Trim Pump Component (Wet-Sump) Design II (Pre-1998)

U Joint Housing Dry Sump Six/NXT6 SSM

U Joint Housing Wet Sump SSM VI (Early Style Pre-1998)

U Joint Housing Wet Sump SSM VI (Late Style Pre-1998)

U Joint Housing Wet Sump SSM VII (Pre-1998)