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Model #4WH9291WH

The Mercury Marine model number 4WH9291WH is a engine with a displacement of either and horsepower of either It is part of the [0M956327 THRU 0M962885] – USA – Cat.# 90-879168 serial range. Related components are listed below.

Model 4WH9291WH Components

Closed Cooling System Components

Driveshaft And Tailstock (Driveline)

Driveshaft Extension Components (Bravo)

Electrical Components (Ignition)

Electrical Components (Starter And Alternator)

Electrical Components (Wiring)

Engine Components (Crankshaft / Piston / Connecting Rods)

Engine Components (Cylinder Block And Camshaft)

Engine Components (Cylinder Head)

Engine Components (Water Pump And Front Cover)

Exhaust Header / Tailpipe Assembly

Flywheel Housing (Bravo)

Flywheel Housing (Driveline)(Bravo)

Flywheel Housing (Driveline)(NXT1)

Flywheel Housing (Transmission Models)

Fuel Pump And Fuel Cooler

Fuel Rails And Injectors

Fuse Harness Kit (879365A20)

Gasket/Seal Set – Engine Overhaul (27-843073A06)

Intake Manifold And Components

Intake Plenum And Components

Mount Plates (Engine)

Oil Cooler (Transmission)(Bravo)

Oil Cooler (Transmission)(NXT1)

Oil Cooler And Oil Filter (Engine)

Oil Pan And Oil Pump

Paint Color Chart

Power-Assisted Steering Components

Reservoir Bottle (Transmission Fluid)

Sea Water Pump Assembly

Senders And Sensors


Service Support Material

Shift Bracket Components (Bravo)

Shift Plate Components (NXT1)

Tool List (NXT1 Transmission)

Tool List (Special – Engine)

Transmission (Reservoir/Pump)(NXT1)

Transmission (Shaft And Gears)(NXT1)

Transmission (Shift Cover)(NXT1)

Transmission (Tailstock)(NXT1)

Transmission And Components (Driveline)

Transmission And Components (Six Drive / Bravo)

Trim Pump Assembly

Trim Pump/Motor Assembly (865380A13)

Water Hoses (Closed Cooling)

Water Hoses (Sea Water)