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Model #4T4C03SUU

The Mercury Marine model number 4T4C03SUU is a engine with a displacement of either and horsepower of either It is part of the [1A066166 THRU 1A350678] – Cat.# 90-881784006 serial range. Related components are listed below.

Model 4T4C03SUU Components

AXIUS Steering Components Hydraulic Pump and Reservoir

AXIUS Steering Fluid Filter (HP) SN 1A349743 and Up, Gen I

AXIUS Steering Fluid Filter(Non-HP)1A349742 and Below,Gen I

AXIUS Steering High Pressure Filter Conversion Kit, Gen I

AXIUS Steering Hoses (HP Filter) SN 1A349743 and Up, Gen I

AXIUS Steering Hoses(Non-HP Filter)1A349742 and Below,Gen I

AXIUS Steering Oil Cooler and Bracket, Gen I

Block Camshaft and Pistons

Block Crankshaft, Oil Pump and Front Cover

Cool Fuel System SN 1A349419 & Below

Cool Fuel System SN 1A349420 & Above

Cooling System Fresh Water Components

Cooling System Raw Water Components, Port (AXIUS)

Cooling System Raw Water Components, Port (BRAVO)

Cooling System Raw Water Components, Starboard

Cylinder Head

Drive Lube Reservoir Assembly

Engine Cover

Engine Mounts

Exhaust Manifold Elbow and Riser

Exhaust System Components

Flywheel Housing

Fuel Module Components -Bravo (SN 1A349419 & Below)

Fuel Module Components -Bravo (SN 1A349420 & Above)

Gasket Set Components (27-883231A 1) Engine

Gasket Set Components (27-889924A02) Overhaul

Intake Manifold

Jackshaft Main Kit (98634A20)

Lifting Brackets and Wiring Harness

Mercathode Kit

Oil Pan and Drain System

PCM and Bracket

Remote Oil System

Seawater Pump

Service and Support Material


Shift Bracket Axius

Shift Bracket Digital Throttle and Shift

Shift Bracket Mechanical Shift

SmartCraft Sensor and Harnesses

Starter and Alternator

Steering Components

Throttle Body Digital Throttle-Shift

Throttle Body Mechanical Throttle-Shift

Trim Pump and Motor Components

Trim Pump Assembly Complete

Water Drain System