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Mercury [9B000001 THRU 9B086579] – Cat.# 90-885200 Lower Unit Assembly (82# – Variable) (MTS397022) Schematic

Component Schematic

-Lower Unit Assembly Complete (82# - Variable)MTS397022Unavailable 
2Nose Cap AssemblyMXF321219Unavailable 
2Nose Cap AssemblyM899456TUnavailable 
3O-ring (3.187 X .073) With Blue TeflonMR21702Unavailable 
3O-ring (3.187 X .073) Blue Teflon CoatedMR21702TIn Stock$2.26 $1.90
4Housing Assembly With Magnets And TransducerMAS321039Unavailable 
4Housing Assy-blkM899499TUnavailable 
6Screw (#10-32 X .500) Self Tap Washer HeadMR22801Unavailable 
6Screw (#10-32 X .500) Self Tap Washer HeadMR22801TUnavailable 
7Mosfet AssemblyMJF09611CUnavailable 
7Mosfet Assy-f/oM899504TIn Stock$126.77 $106.49
8Comm Cap AssemblyMXF320519Unavailable 
8Comm Cap AssyM899506TUnavailable 
9Seal Armature ShaftMR22301Unavailable 
9Seal Armature ShaftMR22301TIn Stock$3.91 $3.29
10Bearing (.750) Sintered BronzeMR20601Unavailable 
10Bearing (.750) Sintered BronzeMR20603TIn Stock$5.45 $4.57
11Washer (.378 X .655 X .026) NylatronMR22601Unavailable 
11Washer (.378 X .655 X .026) NylatronMR22601TIn Stock$2.10 $1.76
12Thrust Washer (.380 X .660 X .025)MR22701Unavailable 
12Thrust Washer (.380 X .660 X .025)MR22701TIn Stock$1.38 $1.16
13E RingMR21902Unavailable 
13E RingMR21902TIn Stock$1.53 $1.28
14Spring BrushesMXF21401Unavailable 
14Spring BrushesMXF21401TIn Stock$1.50 $1.26
15Brush Card Assembly Less SpringsMXS320122Unavailable 
17Seal StaticMR22201Unavailable 
17Seal Static - Teflon CoatedMR22202TIn Stock$0.70 $0.59
17Seal Static - Teflon CoatedMR22202Unavailable 
17Seal Static - Teflon CoatedMR22202TIn Stock$0.70 $0.59
20Thru BoltMR218117Unavailable 
20Thru BoltMR218117TUnavailable 
-Decal Teal ArrowMXS06001Unavailable 
-Decal @5MXS06001TUnavailable 
-Repair Kit Lower Unit AssemblyM6220T1Unavailable