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Mercury [9D347949 & Up] – Cat.# 90-8M0127096 Lower Unit Assembly (FW105 – Variable)(8M0096758) Schematic

Component Schematic

-Lower Unit Assembly 105#, Fresh Water8M0096758In Stock$275.43 $220.96
1Nose Cone Assembly With Bushing And Thrust Washer8M4002705In Stock$22.79 $19.15
2Housing Assembly With Magnets8M0095498In Stock$94.17 $79.10
3Armature Kit With Nylatron Washer8M4002655In Stock$130.90 $105.25
4Comm Cap Assembly With Seals And Bushing8M4002677In Stock$41.38 $33.25
5Brush Card Kit With Springs And Screws8M4002711In Stock$21.41 $17.99
-Thru Bolt AssemblyMR218185Unavailable 
-Thru Bolt AssemblyMR218185Unavailable 
7Seal Kit8M4002715In Stock$11.79 $9.91