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Mercury [9B000001 & Up] – Cat.# 90-885210 Foot Pedal Assembly (MLP300492) Schematic

Component Schematic

-Foot Pedal Assembly Complete (69.00 Inches)MLP300492Unavailable 
-Foot Pedal AssyM899393TIn Stock$168.36 $141.42
2Cable Assembly (4.00 Inches) Red - One Ring/one Flag TerminalsMM309712Unavailable 
2Cable Assembly (4.00 Inches) Red - One Ring/one Flag TerminalsMM309712TUnavailable 
3Screw (#10 X .500)MGR13301Unavailable 
3Screw (#10 X .500) Stainless SteelMRT13303TUnavailable 
4Cable Assembly (4.00 Inches) Red - With Two Flag TerminalsMM301212Unavailable 
4Cable Assembly (4.00 Inches) Red - With Two Flag TerminalsMM301212TIn Stock$6.87 $5.77
5Pal NutMTT09803Unavailable 
5Pal NutMTT09803TUnavailable 
6Screw (#6 X .500)MAF13501Unavailable 
6Screw (#6 X .500)MXF13501TUnavailable 
-Wire Assembly Jumper (4.00 Inches) RedMM303212Unavailable 
-Wire Assembly Jumper (4.00 Inches) RedMM303212Unavailable 
8Screw (#6-32 X 1.50)MLP13501Unavailable 
8Screw (#6-32 X 1.50)MLP13501TIn Stock$2.80 $2.35
9Nut (#6-32)MSP09802Unavailable 
9Nut (#6-32)MSP09802TIn Stock$2.01 $1.68
-Switch Assembly MicroMAP15101Unavailable 
-Switch Assembly MicroMAP15101Unavailable 
11Boot Micro SwitchMKP15701Unavailable 
11Boot Micro SwitchMKP15701TIn Stock$1.48 $1.25
12Plate RetainerMLP12303Unavailable 
12Plate RetainerMLP12303TUnavailable 
13Switch Assembly RotaryMHF15001Unavailable 
13Switch Assembly RotaryMHF15001TIn Stock$14.15 $11.89
14Ring RetainingMLP04601Unavailable 
14Ring RetainingMLP04601TIn Stock$1.68 $1.42
15Washer NylonMAK17102Unavailable 
15Washer NylonMAK17102TIn Stock$1.99 $1.67
16Lockwasher (.375)MKP17101Unavailable 
16Lockwasher (.375)MKP17101TUnavailable 
17Cable Assembly (4.00 Inches) Black - Two Wires With TerminalsMM309612Unavailable 
17Cable Assembly (4.00 Inches) Black - Two Wires With TerminalsMM309612TIn Stock$4.35 $3.65
18Sleeve InsulatingMAT08001Unavailable 
18Sleeve InsulatingMAT08001TIn Stock$0.94 $0.79
-Switch Assembly ToggleMFP15305Unavailable 
-Switch Assembly ToggleMFP15305Unavailable 
20Decal Hi BypassMLP05709Unavailable 
20Decal Hi BypassMLP05709TUnavailable 
21Knob AssemblyMLP08207Unavailable 
21Knob AssemblyMLP08207TIn Stock$2.43 $2.04
22PedalMLP10103TIn Stock$25.32 $21.26
23Button Micro SwitchMLP02601Unavailable 
23Button Micro SwitchMLP02601TIn Stock$3.96 $3.32
24Pin Foot Pedal RockerMLP10201Unavailable 
24Pin Foot Pedal RockerMLP10201TIn Stock$4.24 $3.56
25E RingMBK04602Unavailable 
25E RingMBK04602TIn Stock$1.79 $1.50
26Bushing Pivot ShaftMKP02101Unavailable 
26Bushing Pivot ShaftMKP02101TIn Stock$1.42 $1.19
27E RingMFP04601Unavailable 
27E RingMFP04601TIn Stock$5.62 $4.72
28Pin PivotMAP105011Unavailable 
28Pin PivotM899388TIn Stock$4.16 $3.49
29Base Foot PedalMLP00301Unavailable 
29Base Foot PedalMLP00301TIn Stock$26.74 $22.46
30P Clamp (.250)MKP03601Unavailable 
30P Clamp @10MKP03601TUnavailable 
31Screw (#6 X .500)MXF13501Unavailable 
31Screw (#6 X .500)MXF13501TUnavailable 
32Screw (#6 X .375)MIR13301Unavailable 
32Screw (#6 X .375)MIR13301TUnavailable 
-Plate Control CableMKP12301Unavailable 
-Plate Control CableMKP12301Unavailable 
34Screw (#6 X .375)MIR13301Unavailable 
34Screw (#6 X .375)MIR13301TUnavailable 
35Plate Battery CableMKP03602Unavailable 
35Plate Battery CableMKP03602TUnavailable 
36Cable Assembly BatteryMTF32812Unavailable 
36Cable Asy-batteryMTF32812TIn Stock$45.14 $37.92
37RackMAP12501TIn Stock$7.22 $6.06
38Cable Assembly Control (69.00 Inches)MLP327032Unavailable 
38Cable Asy-controlMLP32703TIn Stock$53.70 $45.11
-Pivot CableMLP09101Unavailable 
-Pivot CableMLP09101TIn Stock$7.03 $5.90
-Tubing (1.50 Inches)8231162In Stock$2.90 $1.74
-Cable/stud Assembly Control (69.00 Inches)M9767In Stock$45.04 $37.84