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Mercury [0W310000 THRU 0W649999] – Cat.# 90-881784003 Exhaust Manifold Elbow and Riser Schematic

Component Schematic

1Manifold Assembly863127T1Unavailable 
1Manifold Assembly Cast-iron Alloy866178T01In Stock$635.00
1Manifold Assembly Cast-iron Alloy866178T01In Stock$635.00
2Plug (.75-14)866163Unavailable 
2Fitting Reducer(.75-14 X .125-27)866164In Stock$20.58 $14.82
2Plug (.375-18 X .475) Brass12524In Stock$4.00 $2.40
3Fitting Assembly Drain - Stainless Steel865341A03In Stock$54.67 $39.36
3Fitting Assembly Drain865828A02In Stock$51.50 $37.08
4Gasket46820In Stock$16.07
5Screw (m8 X 35)4010735In Stock$2.20 $1.32
6Screw (m8 X 70)4010770In Stock$4.10 $2.46
7Elbow865331A02In Stock$740.71 $622.20
7Elbow Black865332A02In Stock$665.14 $558.72
8Hose863095In Stock$31.75 $22.86
9Clamp Worm Gear (1.56 Diameter)815504216In Stock$14.20 $8.52
10Stud (m8 X 55)8204511In Stock$6.90 $4.14
11Stud (m8 X 37.1)424632In Stock$12.90 $7.74
12Washer12038In Stock$1.70 $1.02
13Nut (m8)4002030In Stock$6.00 $3.60
14Gasket862356In Stock$7.14
15Turbulator Plate Assy With Gaskets8M2000433In Stock$54.57
16Sensor Assembly885342001Unavailable 
16Sensor Assembly885342002In Stock$36.67 $26.40
17O-ring (.301 X .070)627021In Stock$1.30 $0.78
18Screw (m8 X 16)4010716In Stock$3.30 $1.98
19Stud (m8 X 37.1)424632In Stock$12.90 $7.74
20Riser (6 Inch)863124TUnavailable 
20Riser8M0124066In Stock$403.43 $338.88
21Hose863102In Stock$24.75 $17.82
22Stud (m8 X 194)863121In Stock$10.70 $6.42
NSCap8M0074364In Stock$2.50 $1.50
23Plate Kit861776A2In Stock$90.83 $65.40
24Screw (.375-16 X 1.00)98794Unavailable 
24Screw (.375-16 X 1.00)8M0113180In Stock$3.90 $2.34
25Lockwasher (.375)41471In Stock$1.60 $0.96
26Resonator860222A1In Stock$56.17 $40.44
27Screw (m8 X 25)4010725In Stock$4.60 $2.76