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Mercury 1992-1996 [0D603118 THRU 0F800699] – Cat.# 90-82172392 EXHAUST MANIFOLD AND EXHAUST ELBOW Schematic

Component Schematic

1Manifold Assembly89011A8Unavailable 
1Manifold Asy-exha807078T10In Stock$443.50
2Plug (3/4-14)33198A1Unavailable 
2Plug (.750-14) Pipe41622In Stock$8.40 $5.04
3Gasket46820In Stock$16.07
4Screw (.375-16 X 1.250)37612In Stock$1.70 $1.02
4Screw (.375-16 X 1.620)48424In Stock$2.30 $1.38
5Gasket863724In Stock$9.93
6Plug (.250-18)73379In Stock$6.40 $3.84
7Elbow Kit Drain806926A1Unavailable 
7Elbow Kit Drain862210A01In Stock$20.00
8Plug Kit (.500-13) Royal Blue806608A1Unavailable 
8Plug Assembly (.500-13) Blue8M0119211In Stock$7.50 $4.50
9Quad Ring806609Unavailable 
9O-ring (.489 X .070)32509In Stock$1.60 $0.96
10Elbow Assembly Exhaust816900A5Unavailable 
10Elbow Assembly816900A9Unavailable 
11Screw (.375-16 X 1.00)12244Unavailable 
11Screw (.375-16 X 1.00)865982005In Stock$1.90 $1.14
11Screw (.375-16 X 2.500)668631In Stock$1.50 $0.90
11Screw (.375-16 X 2.30)98534In Stock$3.10 $1.86
12Cap Rubber805727Unavailable 
12Cap805727001In Stock$3.70 $2.22
13Clamp Worm Gear815504220In Stock$6.00 $3.60
-Riser Kit Exhaust (3.00 Inch)93320A7Unavailable 
-Riser Kit-3 Inch93320A14In Stock$348.33 $250.80
-Riser Kit Exhaust (6.00 Inch)93322A5Unavailable 
-Riser Kit-6 Inch807477A5In Stock$641.50 $538.86
-Gasket Set Engine811547A92In Stock$837.50 $331.19
-Gasket Set Overhaul811572A92Unavailable