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Mercury [0F730000 THRU 0M100000] – Cat.# 90-80980896 UNIVERSAL JOINT/SHIFTER COMPONENTS Schematic

Component Schematic

3Cover Assembly12717A1In Stock$381.42 $274.62
4Seal12708In Stock$9.07
5Detent Assembly14497A2Unavailable 
5Detent Assy865711A02In Stock$56.93
6Screw (.375-16 X 1.00)98794Unavailable 
6Screw (.375-16 X 1.00)8M0113180In Stock$3.90 $2.34
7Screw (.375-16 X 1.875)87158In Stock$10.70 $6.42
8Wear Pad Kit805261A1In Stock$23.67 $17.04
9Shaft12711In Stock$65.42 $47.10
10Clutch And Cam Kit807375A1Unavailable 
10Yoke And Cam Assembly806552A1In Stock$214.25 $154.26
11Not Sold SeparateN.S.S.Unavailable$0.00 
11Yoke Shifter806552In Stock$131.33 $94.56
12Screw (.250-28 X 1.00)805733In Stock$1.40 $0.84
13Spacer (.194 X .375)12706In Stock$4.50 $2.70
14Nut (.250-28)35045Unavailable 
14Nut (.250-28) Stainless Steel826709109In Stock$2.70 $1.62
15Screw (.250-28 X .750)38615In Stock$3.00 $1.80
15Screw (1.25 Inch)805543In Stock$0.42 $0.25
16Shift Linkage Assembly High Bump Shift Lever861175A2In Stock$98.57
18Washer20583In Stock$1.10 $0.66
19Cotter Pin26953In Stock$3.30 $1.98
20Latch86776In Stock$7.70 $4.62
21Universal Joint Assembly12784A10Unavailable 
21Universal Joint Assembly864244A2In Stock$632.86 $531.60
21Universal Joint Assembly12784A19Unavailable 
22Yoke Assembly59830A7In Stock$273.75 $197.10
22Yoke Assembly59830A8Unavailable 
23O-ring (.924 X .103)29845In Stock$2.00 $1.20
23O-ring (1.046)35027In Stock$1.30 $0.78
24Socket Center39383TUnavailable 
24Socket Center393831In Stock$118.58 $85.38
25Cross And Bearing758321Unavailable 
25Cross And Bearing75832T1In Stock$65.57
26Yoke12784In Stock$252.50 $181.80
27Ring Nut92004In Stock$54.83 $39.48
28Carrier Assembly86779A1In Stock$92.58 $66.66
29Seal Oil807006In Stock$21.50
30Washer41613In Stock$17.25 $12.42
-O-ring (3.609 X .139)97386Unavailable 
-O-ring (3.609 X .139)97386Unavailable 
32Ring86780In Stock$75.67 $54.48
33Bearing Assembly Tapered Roller86763A2Unavailable 
33Bearing Assy8M0103472In Stock$197.75 $142.38
34Gear Pinion826642TUnavailable 
34Gear Pinion815661TUnavailable 
34Gear Pinion818664Unavailable 
35Washer44539In Stock$7.60 $4.56
36Nut (.625-18)97522Unavailable 
36Nut (.625-18)22339In Stock$6.10 $3.66
-Anode Assembly821630A1Unavailable 
-Anode Assembly821630A1Unavailable 
38Screw (.375-16 X 1.00)65210In Stock$2.20 $1.32
39Lockwasher (.375)35479In Stock$1.40 $0.84
-Seal Kit16709A2In Stock$95.00