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Mercury 1996-1997 [0F680000 THRU 0K999999] – Cat.# 90-80975996 DRIVESHAFT HOUSING AND DRIVE GEARS Schematic

Component Schematic

1Housing Assembly Driveshaft815930A7Unavailable 
1Dsh Genii -basic815930A20Unavailable 
2Screw Kit (.375-16 X .250)79953A2Unavailable 
2Screw Kit Drain79953Q04In Stock$6.10 $3.66
3Washer Fiber19183Unavailable 
3Seal191833In Stock$1.00 $0.72
4Spring Kit17997A1In Stock$8.30 $4.98
5Seal Oil66302In Stock$15.70 $9.42
5Seal Oil864319In Stock$7.60 $4.56
6Plug861738In Stock$2.10 $0.59
7Wear Pad814386Unavailable 
7Wear Pad-lh8M2015937In Stock$4.70 $2.82
7Wear Pad814387Unavailable 
7Wear Pad879346T30In Stock$5.90 $3.54
8Plug Rubber824928001In Stock$4.20 $2.52
9Universal Joint814819A2In Stock$649.29 $545.40
10Yoke Gear End46020TUnavailable 
10Yoke-short46020T02In Stock$167.50 $120.60
11Socket Center39383TUnavailable 
11Socket Center393831In Stock$118.58 $85.38
12Cross And Bearing805536A2In Stock$82.79
13Yoke Coupler End814819A3In Stock$246.08 $177.18
14O-ring (.924 X .103)29845In Stock$2.00 $1.20
14O-ring (1.046)35027In Stock$1.30 $0.78
15Retainer8168112In Stock$32.75 $23.58
16Ring35983In Stock$15.80 $9.48
17O-ring70937In Stock$4.20 $2.52
18Carrier Assembly66081A2In Stock$58.67 $42.24
19Seal Oil823894In Stock$20.29
20Bearing Kit Roller35988A12In Stock$349.17 $251.40
21Spacer35985In Stock$17.50 $10.50
22Shim Set35980A1In Stock$14.00 $8.40
-Shim Spacer71013Unavailable 
-Shim Spacer71013Unavailable 
24Gear Kit55778A3In Stock$383.29 $321.96
24Gear Kit75325A3In Stock$397.50 $286.20
24Gear Kit45814A5In Stock$379.07 $318.42
24Gear Kit18411A2In Stock$485.00 $407.40
25Bearing Assembly Roller35990A1In Stock$44.83 $32.28
25Bearing Assembly Roller32573A1In Stock$52.58 $37.86
26Washer45810In Stock$1.30 $0.78
27Nut (.625-18)22339In Stock$6.10 $3.66
28Shim Set36178A1Unavailable 
28Shim Set36178A02In Stock$13.00 $7.80
-Seal Kit Driveshaft Housing88397A1In Stock$34.29