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Mercury [1G400000 & Up] – Cat.# 90-8M0089729 Starter and Alternator Schematic

Component Schematic

1Starter Motor Assembly863007A1In Stock$212.07
2Screw (m10 X 1.5)861788In Stock$8.30 $4.98
3Nut (m8-1.5)806949In Stock$3.00 $1.80
4Lockwasher (m8)400247In Stock$1.40 $0.84
5Nut (m5) Stainless Steel400211In Stock$2.80 $1.68
6Lockwasher (#10) Stainless Steel26996In Stock$0.90 $0.54
7Fuse Assembly 90 Ampere79023A91In Stock$32.79
8Nut (.250-28)8267119In Stock$1.90 $1.14
9Boot Insulator (black)79695TIn Stock$4.30 $2.58
10Alternator Assembly Black863077TIn Stock$314.07
11Screw (m10 X 120) Hex Flange - Stainless Steel40108120In Stock$10.60 $6.36
12Nut (m8) Stainless Steel401368In Stock$4.00 $2.40
13Bracket865594T01In Stock$75.50 $54.36
14Screw (m8 X 110) Stainless Steel824459110In Stock$12.30 $7.38
14Screw (m8 X 120) Stainless Steel824459120In Stock$10.90 $6.54
15Screw (m8 X 60)88552660In Stock$3.40 $2.04
16Screw (m10 X 35) Hex Flange - Stainless Steel4010835In Stock$5.70 $3.42
17Nut (m6) Stainless Steel400212In Stock$2.20 $1.32
18Belt Serpentine865635Q01In Stock$103.17 $74.28
18Belt Serpentine879288Q21In Stock$73.25 $52.74
-Pulley Kit High Current, Axius879172A34In Stock$571.57 $480.12