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Mercury [1G400000 & Up] – Cat.# 90-884717006 Distributor and Ignition Components Schematic

Component Schematic

1Distributor Assembly884794A02Unavailable 
1Distributor Assembly879150A87In Stock$942.57 $791.76
2Distributor Cap8M6001106In Stock$76.50
3Screw884786In Stock$6.50 $3.90
4Rotor8M6001222In Stock$15.79
5Screw884788In Stock$9.10 $5.46
6Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
7Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
8Gear Assembly884789In Stock$151.75 $109.26
9Clamp88731In Stock$8.90 $1.19
10Screw (m8 X 25) Stainless Steel40011149In Stock$2.00 $1.20
11Gasket344863In Stock$2.00 $1.20
12Cable Kit863656A1In Stock$108.86
13Cable Assembly863657A1In Stock$40.00 $28.80
14Spark Plug884019001Unavailable 
14Spark Plug (ngk Itr4a15)8M2018369In Stock$18.92 $13.62
15Retainer Two Wire54676In Stock$4.00 $2.40
16Retainer Three Wire32783In Stock$3.10 $1.86
17Retainer Four Wire32784In Stock$6.90 $4.14
19Screw And Lockwasher (.250-20 X .625)657461In Stock$1.30 $0.78
20Bracket863663TIn Stock$12.00 $7.20
21Screw (.375-16 X .750)98261In Stock$0.90 $0.54
22Stud Assembly (#10-32 X Special)90096A1In Stock$12.40 $7.44
23Retainer72821In Stock$4.30 $2.58
-Gasket Set861246A05In Stock$658.14 $552.84