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Mercury [2B095049 & Up] – Cat.# 90-8M0087973 Water Separating Fuel Filter Kit With WIF Sensor Parts

-Fuel Filter Kit Remote Water Seperating8M0109543In Stock$358.85 $279.90
1Base Assembly Fuel Filter8M0095674In Stock$89.25 $64.26
2Filter Fuel-water Separating809096Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116793

2Fuel Filter Kit8M0116793In Stock$79.50 $57.24
3Bowl8M0021044In Stock$76.67 $55.20
4Filter Fuel-water Separating (11/16-16 Thread)8M0103095In Stock$47.20 $28.32
5Plug (.375-18) Hex - Steel36373In Stock$4.40 $2.64
6Connector Barb8M0086290In Stock$4.17 $3.00
7Clamp855697In Stock$1.80 $1.08
8Sensor Assembly Fuel And Water8M0021043In Stock$33.42 $24.06
9Harness 6 Pin8M0060420In Stock$31.25 $22.50
10Harness Adapter8M0060421In Stock$10.75 $7.74