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Mercury [2B095049 & Up] – Cat.# 90-8M0087973 Lower Cowl Schematic

Component Schematic

1Lower Cowl Assembly Port And Starboard ( Non Decaled )8M0088280Unavailable

Part Discontinued

2Screw (m6 X 25 Mm)8M0022324In Stock$1.60 $0.96
3Retainer Switch8M0032848In Stock$7.70 $4.62
4Trim Switch Round Bezel8M0037225In Stock$33.42 $24.06
5Tether Flush Plug889823001In Stock$1.10 $0.66
6Fitting Assembly Flush885361A01In Stock$5.40 $3.24
7Seal Flush Plug Pocket8M0047301In Stock$1.10 $0.66
8Plug Flush Port888958001In Stock$9.90 $5.94
9Lower Cowl Assembly Front8M0088281In Stock$106.83 $76.92
10Screw (m6 X 20), Hex Flg8M0073002In Stock$0.83 $0.60
11Retainer - Latch Top Cowl8M0055211In Stock$22.17 $15.96
12Shoulder Screw (m6)892073002In Stock$2.10 $1.26
13Cover Upper Mount Starboard8M0055216In Stock$12.08 $8.70
14Cover Upper Mount, Port8M0055214In Stock$18.17 $13.08
15Washer (6.60 X 17.0 X 1.5ss)4002316In Stock$0.70 $0.42
16Screw (m6 X 25 Mm) Stainless Steel88552525Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0103807

16Screw (m6 X 25 Mm) Stainless Steel8M0103807In Stock$1.70 $1.02
17Striker Assembly8M0055154In Stock$35.25 $25.38
18Screw (m6 X 45 Mm) Stainless Steel88552545Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0103810

18Screw (m6 X 45 Mm) Stainless Steel8M0103810In Stock$3.30 $1.98
19Plate Ingress Mounting8M0055202In Stock$22.50 $16.20
20Screw (m5 X 8mm)8M0047718In Stock$5.75 $4.14
21Grommet Trim Sensor Wires8M0073102In Stock$1.58 $1.14
22Grommet Ingress8M0055208In Stock$13.42 $9.66
23Adapter Rigging Hose8M0055209In Stock$18.25 $13.14
24Screw (m6 X 50) Hex Flg8M0075736In Stock$1.17 $0.84
25Screw (m6 X 30) Hex Flg8M0075735In Stock$0.92 $0.66
26Screw (m6 X 85) Hex Flg8M0071078In Stock$5.00 $3.60
27Screw (m6 X 70) Hex Flg8M0030817In Stock$2.08 $1.50
28Plug Anode Screw8M0074531In Stock$1.42 $1.02