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Mercury [2B095049 & Up] – Cat.# 90-8M0087973 Flywheel and Cover Schematic

Component Schematic

1Flywheel Cover8M0088058In Stock$78.58 $56.58
2Grommet821555001In Stock$4.30 $2.58
3Bolt (m20 X 68)880515In Stock$9.40 $5.64
4Washer (66 X 21 X 6.35 Mm)8M0071547Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0090010

4Washer8M0090010In Stock$7.90 $4.74
5Flywheel Assembly8M0090795Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0141336

5Flywheel Assembly8M0141336In Stock$502.14 $421.80
6Screw (m6 X 30 Mm) Stainless Steel88552530Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0103808

6Screw (m6 X 30 Mm) Stainless Steel8M0103808In Stock$2.10 $1.26
7Stator Assembly Complete8M0088059In Stock$341.67 $246.00