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Mercury [2B095049 & Up] – Cat.# 90-8M0087973 Electrical Schematic

Component Schematic

1Wiring Harness - Main8M0088060In Stock$460.08 $331.26
2Clip Tie Strap899145In Stock$2.60 $1.56
3Bushing856954In Stock$5.20 $3.12
4Grommet834985In Stock$2.20 $1.32
5Washer (.265 X .750 X .048) Stainless Steel65567In Stock$1.67 $1.21
6Screw (m6 X 25 Mm) Stainless Steel88552525Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0103807

6Screw (m6 X 25 Mm) Stainless Steel8M0103807In Stock$1.70 $1.02
7Plate - Electrical8M0092349In Stock$56.00 $40.32
8Screw (m8 X 10) Stainless Steel40011145In Stock$2.40 $1.44
9Nut (m8) Stainless Steel400213In Stock$2.10 $1.26
10Lockwasher (.312)26993In Stock$1.40 $0.84
11Ecm 65hp 4s Jet8M0116532In Stock$857.14 $720.00
11Ecm 75hp 4s8M0088061Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116527

11Ecm 75hp 4s8M0116527In Stock$920.21 $772.98
11Ecm 75hp 4s8M0098622Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116524

11Ecm 75 Hp 4s Sea8M0116524In Stock$857.14 $720.00
11Ecm 80hp 4s8M0098515Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116528

11Ecm 80hp 4s8M0116528In Stock$898.36 $754.62
11Ecm 80hp 4s Jet8M0116533In Stock$857.14 $720.00
11Ecm 90hp 4s8M0088062Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116529

11Ecm 90hp 4s8M0116529In Stock$920.21 $772.98
11Ecm 90hp 4s8M0098623Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116525

11Ecm 90 4s Seapro8M0116525In Stock$857.14 $720.00
11Ecm 100hp 4s8M0098517Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116530

11Ecm 100 Hp 4s8M0116530In Stock$898.36 $754.62
11Ecm 115hp 4s8M0088063Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116531

11Ecm 115 4s8M0116531In Stock$920.21 $772.98
11Ecm 115hp 4s8M0098624Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0116526

11Ecm 115hp 4s Sea8M0116526In Stock$898.36 $754.62
12Clip (.625)858954In Stock$3.00 $1.80
13Nut (1.500-18) Black Nylon889664In Stock$4.90 $2.94
14Relay882751In Stock$14.00 $10.08
15Fuse Cover With Spares8M0047885In Stock$3.50 $2.10
16Cover Fuse858754In Stock$7.30 $4.38
17Clip - Relay, Double Nail8M6001733In Stock$0.58 $0.42
18Grommet821555001In Stock$4.30 $2.58
19Cover Electrical Plate8M0072821Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0097173

19Cover Electrical Plate8M0097173In Stock$26.17 $18.84
19Cover, Electrical Plate8M0100266In Stock$27.42 $19.74
20Voltage Regulator8M0088351In Stock$156.00 $112.32
21Screw (m6 X 30 Mm) Stainless Steel88552530Unavailable

Superseded by 8M0103808

21Screw (m6 X 30 Mm) Stainless Steel8M0103808In Stock$2.10 $1.26
22Gasket Voltage Regulator8M0072790In Stock$3.08 $2.22
23Decal Maintenance Schedule8M0098218In Stock$3.42 $2.46
24Decal Maintenance Schedule8M0094686In Stock$4.67 $3.36
25Harness Starter8M2100378In Stock$8.83 $6.36
26Cable Assembly Battery - Positive88439A35In Stock$40.17 $28.92
27Cable Assembly Battery - Negative88439A26In Stock$55.20 $33.12
28Fuse 40 Amp8M6001923In Stock$0.28 $0.20
29Cover Fuse828054In Stock$4.40 $2.64