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Mercury [0P153500 THRU 0P400999] – Belgium – Cat.# 90-88387502 Camshaft and Oil Pump Schematic

Component Schematic

2Pin826149In Stock$1.40 $0.84
3Pin Dowel878183In Stock$0.60 $0.36
4Pump Assembly Oil857087T1In Stock$731.86 $614.76
5O-ring857096In Stock$8.00 $4.80
6Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
7O-ring857094In Stock$5.40 $3.24
8O-ring857093In Stock$2.80 $1.68
9Screw (m6 X 16)875206In Stock$1.60 $0.96
10Screw (m6 X 40)4000333In Stock$3.10 $1.86
-Gasket Set883599A02In Stock$281.67 $202.80
-Cylinder Head Assembly857082A9Unavailable 
-Cylinder Head Assembly Complete893505T05In Stock$1,751.43 $1,471.20