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Mercury [1B905505 & Up] – Cat.# 90-8M0060852 Fuel Supply System Hoses and module Schematic

Component Schematic

1Hose Manifold Ref8M0034897In Stock$20.83 $15.00
2Clamp (16.2 Mm)888988028Unavailable 
2Clamp855697In Stock$1.90 $1.14
3Hose Fsm To Rail8M0028121Unavailable 
4Clamp (16.2 Mm)888988028Unavailable 
4Clamp855697In Stock$1.90 $1.14
5Fuel Filter Inline8M0057677In Stock$10.86
6Tie Strap (8.00 Inches)816311TIn Stock$0.46 $0.28
7Sleeve Static, Dia 19.058M0059106In Stock$16.92 $12.18
8Hose Fuel- Inlet To Filter8M0028125Unavailable 
8Hose Fuel-inlet To Filter8M0096482In Stock$23.50 $16.92
9Retainer Fuel Filter8M0057680In Stock$11.40 $6.84
10O-ring (.921 X .139)90196In Stock$3.70 $2.22
11Grommet Fsm Retainer8M0037209In Stock$3.60 $2.16
12Bushing856954In Stock$5.40 $3.24
13Grommet834985In Stock$2.30 $1.38
14Washer (.265 X .750 X .048) Stainless Steel65567In Stock$1.76 $1.27
15Screw (m6 X 25 Mm) Stainless Steel88552525Unavailable 
15Screw (m6 X 25 Mm) Stainless Steel8M0103807In Stock$1.80 $1.08
16Clip Hose8M0037098In Stock$0.30 $0.18
17Screw Nylon, Push-in (.25-20 X .50)8M0037204In Stock$4.50 $2.70
18Hose Fuel- Filter To Fsm8M0028127Unavailable 
18Hose Fuel-filter To Fsm8M0086989In Stock$29.50 $21.24
19Filter Fuel In-line879885QIn Stock$11.57
20Filter8M0090809In Stock$5.30 $3.18
21Hose Fsm To Fuel Rail8M0095536In Stock$13.20 $7.92
22Clamp855697In Stock$1.90 $1.14