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Mercury [0G303046 THRU 0G760299] – USA – Cat.# 90-81741896 CRANKSHAFT PISTONS AND CONNECTING RODS Schematic

Component Schematic

1Crankshaft Assembly9536A4Unavailable 
1Crankshaft Assembly9536T4In Stock$2,350.00 $1,974.00
2Bearing Ball67923Unavailable 
2Bearing Ball67923TIn Stock$90.83 $65.40
3Ring67446In Stock$2.90 $1.74
4Gear Segment Kit Drive14513A3Unavailable 
4Gear Segment Kit Drive14513A09In Stock$70.25 $50.58
5Screw (#6-32 X .630) Socket Button Head854812In Stock$2.70 $1.62
6Nut Special (#6-32)854811In Stock$3.10 $1.86
4Gear Segment Kit Drive14513A2Unavailable 
4Gear Segment Kit Drive14513A09In Stock$70.25 $50.58
5Screw (#6-32 X .620) Socket Head813073In Stock$1.40 $0.84
6Nut (#6-32) Special813134In Stock$4.40 $2.64
7Carrier Assembly54196A6In Stock$17.42 $12.54
8Packing65800In Stock$3.50 $2.10
9Ring Sealing67377Unavailable 
9Ring Sealing67377TIn Stock$12.60 $7.56
10Bearing Kit16756A6In Stock$74.17 $53.40
11Piston Assembly Standard9738A9Unavailable 
11Piston Assembly Standard9738T9In Stock$172.50 $124.20
11Piston Assembly .015 Oversize9738A10Unavailable 
11Piston Assembly .015 Oversize9738T10In Stock$172.00 $123.84
11Piston Assembly Standard9737A9Unavailable 
11Piston Assembly Standard9737T9In Stock$172.50 $124.20
11Piston Assembly .015 Oversize9737A10Unavailable 
12Ring Kit Piston - Standard822321A12In Stock$301.83 $217.32
12Ring Kit Piston - .015 Oversize822321A1In Stock$295.08 $212.46
-Ring Lock52035Unavailable 
-Ring Lock52035Unavailable 
14Connecting Rod Kit818141A2Unavailable 
14Connecting Rod Assembly818141A13In Stock$320.75 $230.94
15Screw (.312-24 X .875)763491In Stock$6.00 $3.60
16Thrust Washer8M0012298In Stock$4.10 $2.46
17Bearing Kit17514A2Unavailable 
17Bearing Kit8M0045428In Stock$46.14
18Bearing Needle822553In Stock$0.42 $0.25
-Gasket Set Engine815791A92In Stock$165.17 $118.92
-Powerhead Assembly823434A97Unavailable 
-Powerhead Assembly823434T97Unavailable 
-Powerhead Assembly812817A97Unavailable 
-Powerhead Assembly812817T97Unavailable 
-Powerhead Assembly813043A97Unavailable 
-Powerhead Assembly813043T97Unavailable