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Mercury [0G129222 THRU 0G760299] – USA – Cat.# 90-80917095 G/HSG PROP-COUNTER-0G437999 AND BELOW-1623-822442C2 Schematic

Component Schematic

1Gear Housing Assembly Basic - Black822442A25Unavailable 
1Gear Housing Assembly Basic - Gray822442A26Unavailable 
43Shift Crank823903In Stock$34.58 $24.90
44Spool Kit818349A1Unavailable 
44Spool/shaft Assy818349T1In Stock$102.08 $73.50
45Shim Set47397A1In Stock$14.00 $8.40
46Adapter Assembly Bearing815362A1Unavailable 
46Adapter Assembly Bearing815362T1In Stock$190.17 $136.92
46Adapter Assembly Bearing828830A2In Stock$178.50 $128.52
47Bearing Assembly Needle Rollers814653Unavailable 
47Bearing Assembly Needle Rollers814653TIn Stock$80.50 $57.96
48Thrust Washer815481In Stock$18.75 $13.50
49Bearing Thrust815480In Stock$25.75 $18.54
50Gear Assembly Reverse826288A1Unavailable 
50Gear Assy-reverse826288T1In Stock$324.98 $233.99
51Bearing Roller815482In Stock$45.50 $32.76
52Spring30893In Stock$2.00 $1.20
53Sliding Clutch824112Unavailable 
53Clutch853594TIn Stock$236.00 $169.92
54Pin Cross30632Unavailable 
54Pin Cross8M0100263In Stock$3.40 $2.04
55Pin Detent78909In Stock$18.00 $10.80
56Propeller Shaft824111Unavailable 
56Prop Shaft Lh8M0140448In Stock$558.50 $469.14
57Gear Assembly Forward826287A1In Stock$584.15 $490.68
58Spacer Shim (.206)1761514In Stock$56.00 $40.32
58Spacer Shim (.208)1761515In Stock$57.00 $41.04
58Spacer Shim (.210)1761516In Stock$55.50 $39.96
58Spacer Shim (.212)1761517In Stock$55.33 $39.84
58Spacer Shim (.214)1761518In Stock$54.33 $39.12
58Spacer Shim (.216)1761519In Stock$54.42 $39.18
58Spacer Shim (.218)1761520In Stock$54.92 $39.54
58Spacer Shim (.220)1761521In Stock$57.33 $41.28
58Spacer Shim (.222)1761522In Stock$56.58 $40.74
58Spacer Shim (.224)1761523In Stock$54.00 $38.88
58Spacer Shim (.226)1761524In Stock$55.33 $39.84
58Spacer Shim (.228)1761525In Stock$54.00 $38.88
58Spacer Shim (.230)1761526In Stock$55.33 $39.84
59Bearing Roller15841In Stock$50.17 $36.12
60Thrust Ring17616In Stock$176.75 $127.26
61Adapter Assembly Bearing818292A1In Stock$269.92 $194.34
62Bearing Assembly Needle Rollers814653Unavailable 
62Bearing Assembly Needle Rollers814653TIn Stock$80.50 $57.96
63Thrust Washer18448In Stock$8.00 $4.80
64Bearing Thrust15842In Stock$31.75 $22.86
65Race Thrust8182911In Stock$55.08 $39.66
66Keeper814605In Stock$9.70 $5.82
67O-ring31534In Stock$4.80 $2.88
68Carrier Assembly Bearing818290A1Unavailable 
68Carrier Assy-brg818290T1In Stock$146.33 $105.36
69Bearing Needle30956Unavailable 
69Bearing Needle30956TIn Stock$18.40 $11.04
70Seal Oil14077In Stock$13.36
71Seal76868In Stock$10.86
72Tab Washer18323In Stock$19.33 $13.92
-Anode Kit76214A5Unavailable 
-Anode Kit76214A5Unavailable 
75Screw (.437-14 X 1.750)806327In Stock$5.40 $3.24
76Thrust Hub835467Unavailable 
76Thrust Washer Kit835467Q01In Stock$30.00 $21.60
77Lockwasher Toothed423511In Stock$2.14 $1.54
78Washer Splined31211A2Unavailable 
78Washer @231211Q03In Stock$10.69 $7.69
79Tab Washer816629Unavailable 
79Tab Washer816629QIn Stock$4.24 $3.06
80Prop Nut Kit (.750-16)52707A1Unavailable 
80Prop Nut Kit (.750-16)52707Q1In Stock$11.83 $8.52
-Seal Kit Gear Housing816575A5In Stock$45.42 $32.70