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Mercury [6432901 & Up] – USA – Cat.# 90-13289 GEAR HOUSING (PROPELLER SHAFT) Schematic

Component Schematic

-Gear Housing Assembly7333A25Unavailable 
-Gear Housing Assembly7333A41Unavailable 
1Gear Housing Assembly7333A23Unavailable 
1Gear Housing7333T23Unavailable 
1Gear Housing Assembly7333A43Unavailable 
48Cam Shift Control76039Unavailable 
48Cam Shift Control760394In Stock$30.25 $21.78
49Follower Assembly Cam44532A1In Stock$52.17 $37.56
51Spring30622In Stock$5.10 $3.06
53Bearing Set Cup And Cone30894A1In Stock$46.50 $33.48
54Gear Assembly Forward75314A2Unavailable 
54Gear Assy-forward75314T2In Stock$227.75 $163.98
55Bearing Needle30895Unavailable 
55Bearing Needle30895TIn Stock$18.60 $11.16
56Clutch822539TIn Stock$232.50 $167.40
57Pin Cross30632Unavailable 
57Pin Cross8M0100263In Stock$3.40 $2.04
58Spring30893In Stock$2.00 $1.20
59Propeller Shaft93003In Stock$526.79 $442.50
60Gear Reverse77562Unavailable 
60Reverse Gear77562TIn Stock$415.29 $348.84
61Thrust Washer76358Unavailable 
62O-ring29976In Stock$4.90 $2.94
63Carrier Assembly Bearing41529A1Unavailable 
63Carrier Assy41529T2Unavailable 
64Fitting Grease98727In Stock$4.60 $2.76
65Bearing Needle30956Unavailable 
65Bearing Needle30956TIn Stock$18.40 $11.04
66Seal76868In Stock$10.86
67Seal Oil70081In Stock$17.58 $12.66
68Key30281In Stock$1.10 $0.66
69Tab Washer52700In Stock$20.75 $14.94
-Trim Tab Assembly31640A1Unavailable 
-Trim Tab Assembly31640A1Unavailable 
72Screw (.437-14 X 1.75)66024In Stock$7.50 $4.50
73Washer (.453 X .812 X .105) Stainless Steel45176Unavailable$1.10 $0.66 
74Nut (.437-20) Stainless Steel34933In Stock$4.10 $2.46
75Screw (.375-16 X 1.00)65210In Stock$2.20 $1.32
76Thrust Hub75282A1Unavailable 
76Thrust Washer13191Q01In Stock$21.41 $15.42
77Tab Washer31210Unavailable 
77Tab Washer816629QIn Stock$4.24 $3.06
78Prop Nut Kit (.750-16)52707A1Unavailable 
78Prop Nut Kit (.750-16)52707Q1In Stock$11.83 $8.52
-Gasket Set73645A87In Stock$94.33 $67.92
-Seal Kit Gear Housing55682A1In Stock$99.17 $71.40