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Mercury [9466692 & Up] – Belgium – Cat.# 90-16403 Power Trim Components Schematic

Component Schematic

1Manifold Assembly99659A21Unavailable 
1Manifold Assembly99659A22Unavailable 
2Pipe Plug99616Unavailable 
2Plug Pipe (.0625-27)56800In Stock$20.58 $14.82
3Trim Cylinder Assembly41493A9Unavailable 
3Trim Cylinder Assembly41493A6Unavailable 
4Guide Assembly41492A1In Stock$127.58 $91.86
5Repair Kit41478A1In Stock$88.92 $64.02
6Check Valve Kit41482A3Unavailable 
-Guide Assembly99638A1Unavailable 
-Guide Assembly99638A1Unavailable 
8Piston Assembly43397A7Unavailable 
9Trim Filter Assembly12184A1Unavailable 
10Piston/rod Assembly Power Trim43398A3Unavailable 
10Piston Assembly878414T01In Stock$207.58 $149.46
11Pin Groove13794Unavailable 
11Pin Trilobe821539In Stock$2.20 $1.32
12Valve Assembly812843A1Unavailable 
12Valve Kit Relief893929A01In Stock$56.33 $40.56
12AE Ring812844Unavailable 
12AE-ring815949001In Stock$4.50 $2.70
13Screw (m6 X 14)4000327In Stock$2.30 $1.38
14Washer (6.60 X 12.5 X 1.5 Mm -ss)4002315In Stock$0.50 $0.30
16O-ring Kit48462A2Unavailable 
16O Ring Kit48462A4In Stock$124.40 $74.64
17Plug Assembly99609A1Unavailable 
18Shaft Assembly99641A1Unavailable 
19Pipe Plug99616Unavailable 
19Plug Pipe (.0625-27)56800In Stock$20.58 $14.82
20Screw (m6 X 20)4008820In Stock$2.20 $1.32
21Lockwasher (m6)400256In Stock$1.40 $0.84
22Pump And Motor99186TUnavailable 
22Power Trim Kit826729A10In Stock$1,707.14 $1,434.00
23Shaft99625002In Stock$18.70 $11.22
-Anode Assembly43396A2Unavailable 
-Anode Assembly43396A2Unavailable 
25Screw (m6 X 35)4000332In Stock$1.73 $1.25
26Washer (.281 X .500 X .060) Stainless Steel29245In Stock$0.90 $0.54
27Striker Plate996301Unavailable 
27Striker Plate8M0045383In Stock$9.70 $5.82
28Lockwasher (.375)58643In Stock$1.40 $0.84
29Nut (.375-24)46335In Stock$2.14 $1.54
30Harness Assembly Control99695A1Unavailable 
30Harness Assembly Control17201A3Unavailable 
31Wire Assembly79139A23Unavailable 
31Wire Assembly (2.750 Inches)87379A14Unavailable 
32Solenoid Starter96158Unavailable 
32Solenoid96158TIn Stock$24.71
33Screw (.250-20 X .500) Stainless Steel41508In Stock$3.00 $1.80
34Nut (#8-32) Brass26419In Stock$1.30 $0.78
35Pin Groove44431Unavailable 
35Pin878267In Stock$21.75 $15.66
36Nut (.250-20) Brass94330In Stock$1.30 $0.78
37Insulator97861In Stock$3.90 $2.34
38Clip22875In Stock$3.90 $2.34
39C Washer69205Unavailable 
39C-washer8M0084613In Stock$0.80 $0.48
40Screw (#10-16 X .440)69079In Stock$0.90 $0.54
41Screw (m10 X 30)4000377In Stock$3.50 $2.10
42Lockwasher (m10) Stainless Steel400258In Stock$1.10 $0.66