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Mercury [0P325500 & Up] – Belgium – Cat.# 90-802804001 Fuel Filter Assembly (USA-1B153167/BEL-0P360020 and Below) Schematic

Component Schematic

1Filter Assembly Fuel891642A11Unavailable 
2Ball Fuel Filter858731In Stock$2.20 $1.32
3Filter Kit Fuel87946K04In Stock$8.00
3Filter Kit Fuel87946Q04In Stock$8.00
4Seal897536In Stock$2.00 $1.20
5Hose (57.00 Inches Bulk)830756109Unavailable 
5Hose (57 Inches Bulk)8M0108355In Stock$34.79
6Hose (57.00 Inches Bulk)830756109Unavailable 
6Hose (57 Inches Bulk)8M0108355In Stock$34.79
7Tie Strap (8.00 Inches)816311TIn Stock$0.46 $0.28
8Grommet18202In Stock$5.50 $3.30
9Connector Kit Fuel15781A9In Stock$28.42 $20.46
10Screw (m6 X 25)4000330In Stock$3.10 $1.86