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Mercury [0E151580 THRU 0E369299] – USA – Cat.# 90-835085R2 Attenuator And Carburetor Throttle Levers Schematic

Component Schematic

1Attenuator834976In Stock$92.75 $66.78
2Gasket892211In Stock$1.70 $1.02
3Screw (.250-28 X 2.500) With Nylon Patch - Stainless Steel884891In Stock$6.00 $3.60
4Washer (.281 X .734 X .063)69057In Stock$1.40 $0.84
5Cap815784In Stock$1.40 $0.84
6Linkage Kit828277A1In Stock$47.67 $34.32
7Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
8Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
9Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
10Roller18178In Stock$11.50 $6.90
11Screw (#10-32 X .750)15124In Stock$0.80 $0.48
12Washer (.203 X .406 X .040)89302In Stock$1.40 $0.84
13Lockwasher External (#10)69432In Stock$0.70 $0.42
14Decal Epa Label Information85557732Unavailable 
14Ref Ob Sb 09-18855577A40Unavailable 
14Decal Epa Label Information85698525Unavailable 
14Ref Ob Sb 09-18856985A25Unavailable 
-Gasket/seal Set850396A1In Stock$375.08 $270.06
-Powerhead Assembly9763A64Unavailable 
-Powerhead Assembly9763T66Unavailable 
-Powerhead Assembly9763T66Unavailable