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Mercury 2016-and Up [BE-BME53770G516 & Up] – Cat.# 90-8M0112038 Heavy Duty 470 Model (Red- Aluminum Floor) Schematic

Component Schematic

1Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
2D Ring Medium - Stainless Steel On Red Pvc Fabric8113102In Stock$12.96 $10.90
3Keel Pvc - Black (l345.5 Cm)8M0049892In Stock$135.13 $113.51
4Wear Patch Assembly Pvc - Black (90 Cm X 30 Cm) 2 Pc Set8M0049894Unavailable$0.00 
5Wear Patch Assembly Pvc - Black (130 Cm X 30 Cm) 2 Pc Set8M0049893Unavailable$0.00 
6Air Valve Assembly Black With M Logo8M0127618Unavailable$0.00 
7Cap Assembly Air Valve With M Logo8M0127619Unavailable$1.50 $0.90 
8Lacing Cuff Assembly Pvc Black Hogging With Eyelets (l9.48 M)8M0049877Unavailable$0.00 
9Holder Transom - Pvc Red (t36 Mm)809783001In Stock$16.95 $14.24
10Transom Assembly (black)fabic Laminated Wood (l126 Cm X H48(50)cm X T36mm)8M0094154Unavailable$0.00 
11Towing Hole Set (28 Mm X T36 Mm) Stainless Steel898172001In Stock$4.03 $3.38
12Retainer Pvc (l30 X W3 X H2cm) Black896479In Stock$1.94 $1.62
13Stopper Side Joiner - Pvc Black877696In Stock$3.24 $2.72
14Cap Transom Cover (w36 Mm X 135 Cm) Pvc Black802607004In Stock$3.87 $3.25
15End Cone Cap Black8M0127622Unavailable$0.00 
16Plate Transom - Black Plastic811336007In Stock$14.01 $11.77
17Protector Transom Bottom - Pvc Black899878001In Stock$0.96 $0.82
18Pad Transom - Plastic, Black8M0057955Unavailable$0.00 
19Drain Valve Assembly Black (36 Mm)899765A02In Stock$11.63 $9.77
20Repair Kit Drain Valve899676A02In Stock$6.45 $5.41
21Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
22Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
23Handle/lifting Molded - Pvc Black859007009In Stock$8.28 $6.95
24Strap T Paddle Retainer - Red Pvc Fabric With Red Velcro8097853In Stock$2.91 $2.45
25Rope (12.00 Feet) Black8097783In Stock$9.70 $8.15
26D Ring Large - Stainless Steel On Black Pvc Fabric811309In Stock$14.96 $12.58
27Rubstrake Side - Pvc - One Red Line On Two Black Tear Drops (l10.8 M X W12.4 Cm)899682002Unavailable$0.00 
28Not Sold SeparateNSSUnavailable$0.00 
29Logo Bow - Raised Circle M (-pvc) Black On Red8M0094155Unavailable$0.00 
30Logo Side - Raised Circle M-mercury (-pvc) Black On Red8M0094156Unavailable$0.00 
31Rubstrake Bottom - Pvc Black With Three Ridges (l4.5 M X W8 Cm)824412004In Stock$26.77 $22.49
32T Paddle (130 Cm) Black880999002In Stock$16.21 $13.61
33Floorboard #1 Fiberglass - Gray (l35cm X W74.1cm X H15mm)8M0071211In Stock$152.34 $127.97
34H Channel Tongue Style - A Shape (l55 Cm X D15 Mm) Aluminum895590In Stock$9.67 $8.12
35H Channel Groove Style - H Shape (l55 Cm X D15 Mm) Aluminum895642In Stock$5.67 $4.76
36Floorboard #2 Fiberglass - Gray (l44.4cm X W107cm X H15mm)8M0071212In Stock$202.04 $169.72
37H Channel Tongue Style - A Shape (l95cm X D15mm) Aluminum8M0071199In Stock$17.22 $14.46
38H Channel Groove Style - H Shape (l95cm X D15mm) Aluminum8M0071200In Stock$17.22 $14.46
39Floorboard #3 Fiberglass - Gray (l43cm X W126cm X H15mm)8M0071213In Stock$211.81 $177.92
40H Channel Tongue Style - A Shape (l111.6cm X D15mm) Aluminum8M0071201In Stock$24.47 $20.56
41Floorboard #7 Aluminum - Silver (l50cm X W126cm X H22mm)8M0094151In Stock$257.61 $216.40
42Floorboard #5 Aluminum - Gray (l60cm X W126cm X H22mm)8M0072273In Stock$334.57 $281.05
43Floorboard #6 Aluminum - Gray (l60cm X W126cm X H22mm)8M0072274Unavailable$0.00 
44Floorboard #7 Aluminum - Gray (l58cm X W126cm X H22mm)8M0094152In Stock$277.98 $233.50
45Cap Side Joiner - Without Slot - Front Port Or Rear Starboard8095222In Stock$1.27 $1.07
45Cap Side Joiner - With Slot - Front Port Or Rear Starboard8095223In Stock$1.27 $1.07
46Side Joiner Male With Coupler (l60cm) Aluminum8M0071195In Stock$37.09 $31.15
46Side Joiner Female (l60cm) Aluminum8M0071197In Stock$37.09 $31.15
46Side Joiner Male And Female- Middle Part (l60cm) Aluminum8M0071198In Stock$37.09 $31.15
47Cap Side Joiner - Without Slot - Rear Port And Front Starboard8095232In Stock$1.27 $1.07
47Cap Side Joiner - With Slot - Rear Port And Front Starboard8095233In Stock$1.27 $1.07
48Pump Assembly Air - Double Action889345Q01In Stock$36.04 $30.28
49Hose Air Pump889348In Stock$9.97 $8.38
50Gauge Air Pump889346In Stock$11.47 $9.64
51Adapter Set Air Pump Hose889347In Stock$6.62 $5.56
52Pvc Repair Kit Without Cement8M0099342Unavailable$0.00 
52Repair Kit Pvc - Light Gray/navy Blue .08 Fabric899692A02Unavailable$0.00 
53Remover/installer Tool Air Valve - Plastic896317In Stock$3.33 $2.80
54Cement Pvc (30 Ml)808648In Stock$4.96 $4.16
55Storage/carrying Bag For Skins, Flap Style (l2 M X W1.2 M) Navy Blue/ M Logo8M0048578Unavailable$0.00 
56Storage/carrying Bag For Floor Boards, Zipper Style (l1.35 M X H0.69 M) Navy Blue/ M Logo8M0048579In Stock$60.00 $50.40
NSBench Seat Sport 415 Xs, Heavy Duty 415 Xs, Heavy Duty 470 Xs, Ocean Runner 420896397005In Stock$907.88 $762.62
NSBoat Cover 460/470 Xs Models, L-gray (l6.2m X W3.7)(0.35mm Fabric) With M Logo8M0046025In Stock$226.36 $190.14