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Gas 5.7L (350 CU IN) V8 GM 350 MAG MPI HORIZON ALPHA/BRAVO EC [1A611928 THRU 1A623184] – Cat.# 90-884717008

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Alternator and Brackets

AXIUS Steering Components Hydraulic Pump

AXIUS Steering Components Oil Cooler and Bracket, Gen I

AXIUS Steering Fluid Filter (High Pressure)

AXIUS Steering High Pressure Filter Conversion Kit, Gen I

AXIUS Steering Hoses (High Pressure Filter)

AXIUS Steering Reservoir and Front Lifting Eye, Gen I

Closed Cooling System (Alpha)

Closed Cooling System (Bravo)

Closed Cooling System (BRAVO) Sea Pump Hoses

Closed Cooling System (BRAVO) Sea Pump Hoses (SeaCore)

Closed Cooling System Heat Exchanger

Closed Cooling System Poppet Valve

Cool Fuel System Bravo

Cylinder Block Camshaft and Crankshaft

Cylinder Block Flywheel Housing and Rear Main Seal

Cylinder Head Assembly

Distributor and Ignition Components

Electrical Components Digital Throttle and Shift

Electrical Components Mechanical Throttle and Shift

Engine Mounts

Exhaust Manifold and Elbow

Exhaust System Components

Front Cover and Circulating Pump

Fuel Filter Alpha

Fuel Module Components -Bravo

Fuel Supply Module Alpha

Gasket Set Components (27- 75611A03) Cylinder Head

Gasket Set Components Engine Overhaul

Gear Lube Monitor

Intake Manifold and Fuel Rail

Jackshaft Main Kit (98634A20)

Mercathode Components

Oil Pan and Oil Pump

Pistons and Connecting Rods

Remote Oil Filter Assembly

Rocker Cover

Sea Water Pump Assembly

Service and Support Material


Shift Bracket Alpha

Shift Bracket Bravo

Shift Bracket Digital Throttle and Shift / Axius

Standard Cooling System (Alpha) Single and 7 Point Drain

Standard Cooling System (Bravo) Air, 3 & 7 Point Drain

Standard Cooling System Sea Pump Hoses

Starter Motor

Steering Components

Thermostat and Housing Closed Cooling

Thermostat and Housing Standard Cooling

Throttle Body Digital Throttle and Shift

Throttle Body Mechanical

Water Distribution Housing

Water Drain Air Manifold and Pump