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Machine & Welding Shop

Our Yamaha/Mercury Machine Shop enables us to go beyond what most other service centers are capable of. We are set up for extensive in house repairs and work on a variety of things from Harley Davidson Engines, Re-work your big or small block automotive or marine inboard engine, machine work on tractor parts and motors.

We have two boring bars able to sleeve and resize your cylinders, a hone tank for refinishing cylinder walls, head surfacer for cleaning and leveling gasket mating surfaces, block surface machine for decking blocks, computerized balancer for rotating assemblies, crank press used for straightening bent shafts, a magnaflux to detect stress cracks, table mills for fabricating custom brackets and head porting plus much more. We can also supply parts of the highest quality or use what our customers bring in.

Call us at 863-465-2814 for more information and we will have you back up and running with lightning fast turn around time!

Performance Marine Machine Shop Outboard Repair and Welding Lake Placid, FL

Job Description Machine Shop Pricing                          Price


Bore and Hone Cylinder Per Cylinder                              $52.50
Bore and Hone Small Cylinder Under 2.250" or 57.00 mm  $70.00
Bore and Hone Harley Cylinder Per Cylinder                     $65.00
Hone and Check Bore Per Cylinder                                 $20.00
Hone With Deck Plate Per Cylinder                                $20.00
Sleeve Outboard Engine Per Sleeve                               $225.00
Sleeve Automotive Per Cylinder                                    $290.00
Sleeve Omc Cross Flow per Cylinder                              $300.00
Sleeve Matching and Porting                                         Per Hour       
Weld Up Spark Plug Hole, Re-Drill and Tap                     $80.00
Aluminum, Stainless and Other Metal Welding                 Per Hour   
Resurface Cylinder Heads and Manifolds                         $45.00
Mill Heads Surface                                                      $75.00
Surface Block (Outboard)                                             $30.00
Mill / Deck Automotive Block True Deck Heights               $150.00
Excessive Surfacing or Angle Milling Extra                      Per Hour
Hot Tank Block, Heads or Etc.                                      $75.00
Grind Valves and Seats Per Cylinder                              $37.50
Add For Non Adjustable Valve Train Per Cylinder               $8.00
Harley Valve Job Per Cylinder                                       $39.00
Cam Bearings Installed                                               $80.00
Surface Flywheel                                                        $52.50
Surface Stepped Flywheel                                            $75.00
Resize Rods Each                                                       $22.00
Correct Rod Length and Install Bronze Bushings Each        $20.00
Press Piston Pins Each On or Off                                   $7.00
Align Boring V8                                                           $295.00
Radius Cut Bearings Set of 8                                         $58.00
Gap Rings                                                                   $58.00
Degree Camshaft                                                         $150.00
O-Ring Block                                                               $150.00
Valve Guides Bronze (16 Guides Included)                        $150.00
Valve Seat installed Per Seat                                         $20.00
Machine Heads 4 Screw in Studs and Guide Plate              $150.00
Machine Heads 4 Teflon Seals (Seals Included)                $75.00
Machine Heads 4 Oversize Springs                                  $150.00
Magniflux Cranks (Cleaning Not Included)                        $57.50
Magniflux Rods Per Rod (Cleaning Not Included)                 $5.00
Magniflux Heads (Cleaning not Included)                          $37.50
Ultra Sound Block Per Cylinder                                         $12.00
Balance Crank, Rods, Pistons, 175 Heavy Metal Extra         $300.00
Fly Cut Pistons                                                             Per Hour
Polish and Mic Cranks                                                    Per Hour  

Other Jobs that Price Varies   

Piston Lightening                                                            By Job
Pressure Testing                                                             By Job
Balancing Rods and Pistons                                              By Job
Custom Mill Works                                                          By Job
Penetrant and Die Testing                                                By Job
Vacum Testing                                                                By Job
Block Blue Printing                                                          By Job
Custom Lathe Works                                                       By Job


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