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Power vs. Talon Comparison

Comparison article on The Minnkota Talon Vs. the JL Marine Power Pole - I have many customers ask me the difference between the Talon and the Power Pole which one do you suggest? My Opinion is both are great products and we sell them both and this comparison is a toss up to me "you decide". There are some differences though that will help when making your decision on each of these products. The JL Power Pole uses a articulating method for holding power that opens up two rail pieces with a hydraulic ram in between that allows it to unfold and extend a fiberglass pole down and outward. The Minnkota Talon uses a cable extension slide device that deploys the fiberlgass rod straight down and extends out almost like a hydraulic ram on a forklift but it is not hydraulic. Both have excellent holding power and offer quiet anchoring capability. In My Opinion the Power Pole is a little bit quieter. Both manufactures offer 6 or 8 foot models however power pole has a 4 foot model and they also introduced a 10 foot model they call The Blade, Power pole has more models to select from and if you like to color cordinate your boat they have an array of colors. The Talon comes in either black or white. The Power Pole has a external hydraulic pump that has to be installed in the boat which requires some space to be taken up to access the pump which is lighter on the transom. The Talon is a self contained pole which does not require any space taken up in the boat but makes it weigh more and may require a stiffer bracket depending on your mounting situation. So if your boat has minimal storage or is already at its capacity with other hardware this may help with your decision. Both models have a remote control system, the talon comes standard with the remote the power pole it is an option. Both models have a wave function on the talon this is standard on the power pole this is an option. The power pole can be set at different depths so that pole can be half up or down for quicker anchoring and on the talon it is either all the way up or all the way down no in between. The Talon has a switch mounted on the pole itself with an led indicator letting you know what depth it is at. The power pole does not require a indicator because you can see if it is up or down. The minkota talon has a safety feature that beeps at you if the pole is down when turing on the ignition switch. Both poles have the same mounting bolt patterns. Installation time on the talon takes about half the time as the power pole and that will differ on some of the prices that you may see from dealers. The Talon is about $300.00 cheaper comaring apples to apples. Call us at 863-465-2814 for more information on these products our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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