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Yamaha FXP Propeller

 The New Yamaha Turbo FXP Performance Propeller

Precision Propeller Industries, Inc. has launched the new high-performance FXP propeller from Turbo Engineered to deliver great overall performance at tournament load, it’s intended specifi cally for today’s high-performance, high-output four-stroke bass boat outboards. It also works well with these outboards in selected bay and flats boat applications. The new Turbo FXP delivers outstanding results along all measures of propeller performance — hole shot, acceleration, top speed and handling — rather than focus on one or two performance attributes like some competitors. High performance four stroke outboards have different propeller needs than their two-stroke predecessors, and the FXP is the fi rst propeller specifi cally designed to address all performance criteria in applications using these special outboards.
Ventless purpose built explicitly for today’s super high output four stroke outboards.
 More overall boat lift than many other propellers for added performance, handling, and minimal bow rise at hole shot.
 Outstanding hole shot, top speed, and overall performance even at tournament loads, when propellers typically work their hardest.
Available in 22”, 23”, 24”, 25”, 26”, and 27” pitch for customized performance, right out of the box.