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Duckett Fishing will be the first rod manufacturer to offer a complete line of casting rods, for all fishing applications, using “Micro Guides”. The use of micro guides on rods is not new, in as much as they have been used successfully on lighter weight rods, in both Europe and Asia for more than twenty years. However, when we began to seriously consider this guide concept for our first series of rods we realized that the micro guides that were available, had been designed and developed for these lighter applications and would never hold up under the rigors of freshwater tournament use. With this in mind we set about to create a series of rods based on the micro guide concept that embraced the positives of the concept, such as ultimate line control, a lighter overall rod weight, a significant increase in casting distance, a substantial improvement in accuracy and yet, would be strong enough to withstand the pressures the rods would face in their new environments of freshwater and inshore tournament trails.

In the development of the series we placed particular emphasis on the guide train, since this is the true heart of the concept. In doing so we found it impossible, with guides that were available. We looked at and tried all micro guides now available in the market place to create a rod series that we could take pride in offering to our customers. To build what we would consider a truly great micro rod series, it would be necessary to create a new guide as well as a re-design of the bracing on the tip tops to aid in the reduction of wind knots and to strengthen the bracing to reduce tip top failure. These two items as minor as they may seem, added to the overall strength and provided for better line flow characteristics of the guide train and reduced the potential collapse of the tip top. Our new guides are the result of a joint design effort forged by Duckett Fishing and supported by American tackle. These new guides are proprietary to Duckett Fishing and are now being produced exclusively for us by American tackle.

The next item to be addressed was the placement of the guides along the guide train. The conventional concept guide placement system was abandoned in favor of guide placement calculations that would allow the positive aspects of the micro guides to be fully realized and to minimize, as much as possible, any chance of line coming in contact with the blank during the loading, compression or tension phases of the blank during the cast or at any point during the retrieve.

The desire to afford perfect balance is two fold. One, balance is critical in reducing arm fatigue allowing you to fish all day and not have to have a cortisone shot when your day is done. Number two is sensitivity. We truly believe that sensitivity is more a function of balance than it is vibration, Since i have never seen or been made aware of a fish that vibrates when it strikes. Balancing a rod makes the tip lighter and therefore allows the rods position to be more easily displaced. It is this movement that you feel in a perfectly balanced rod that is referred to as sensitivity. Balance and sensitivity go hand in hand in the creation of a superb fishing rod. We feel we have achieved this in the micro magic. Although the series is well balanced off the rack we have provided an access port at the base of the butt grip allowing you to personally balance your new “Micro Magic” just the way you want it.

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